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erasmus incomming subjects

In academic year 2021/2022 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offer subjects (6 ECTS each):


Winter semester 2021/2022:

1.  Analytical Mechanics
2.  Computational Systems and Tool in Engineering
3.  Systems Engineering
4.  Production Management
5.  Machine vision in manufacturing technology
6.  Engineering Problem Solving by Simple and Advanced Methods
7.  Processing of polymeric materials
8.  Workplace Ergonomics (project)
9.  Control Systems
10.  Principles of machining processes
11.  Modelling in Machine Design
12.  Vehicle dynamics fundamentals and control
13.  Optimization in Mechanical Design


Summer semester 2021/2022:

1.  Elements of Optronics
2.  Noise Control in Industry
3.  FEM Acoustical Modeling in COMSOL Multiphysics
4.  Hydraulics and Pneumatics
5.  Processing of polymeric materials
6.  CAD/CAM systems in planning technology
7.  Engineering Problem Solving by TRIZ Algorithm
8.  Systems Engineering
9.  Production Management
10.  Advanced tooling systems and machining
11.  Plastic working of metals
12.  Advanced Methods in Machine Design
13.  Vehicle chassis systems and components
14.  Risk Management


You can get more information from faculty coordinator - Dariusz Bartkowski