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Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

If you are interested in using technology in medicine, this course is for you!

During your studies in Biomedical Engineering, you will learn to look at the human body and all phenomena related to it through the eyes of an engineer. Biomedical engineering is currently one of the leading directions of scientific research in Europe and the United States. These are elite studies enriched with knowledge about the latest achievements in science and technology.

Studies in Biomedical Engineering will teach you how to design and manufacture modern medical apparatus, rehabilitation equipment and apply modern technologies in medicine and related fields. Rescuing and improving the quality of people's lives requires advanced devices that are commonplace in hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers. Their operation requires specialist knowledge. By studying Biomedical Engineering at the Poznan University of Technology, you will be prepared to cooperate with doctors, physiotherapists, and other representatives of medical professions in the field of using advanced technical solutions in the medical environment and designing prostheses, implants, and medical devices.

The field of Biomedical Engineering is an interdisciplinary field of study that will provide you with knowledge of the basics of mechanics, materials engineering, manufacturing techniques, elements of human anatomy and physiology, engineering biomechanics, basics of programming, medical electronics, mechatronics, basic imaging techniques and equipment used in medicine and rehabilitation.


Duration: 3,5 years (7 semesters)

210 ECTS points

Candidate’s predispositions

  • abilities and interest in mathematics, physics, and computer science, as well as biological sciences,
  • predisposition to work in laboratories,
  • desire to design and create innovative solutions,
  • potential to solve technical issues in the production field.

Studying Biomedical Engineering at Poznan University of Technology, you will gain knowledge of medical imaging techniques and learn about CAD/CAM systems used to design and manufacture medical components and devices. In addition, our teaching staff will introduce you to the subject of medical equipment, implants, and artificial organs.

Practices and internships

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Poznan University of Technology cooperates with many companies that offer the possibility of professional practice in the field of, among others: construction and purpose of specialized medical equipment, performing research and specialist tests (quality control) of available medical devices, work in design and technical departments, as well as the implementation of medical products.

As a Faculty of Mechanical Engineering student, you can pursue practice in companies such as ALVO, Bertz Medical, Medical Simulation Center UMP, ENforce Medical Technologies, Inovamed, Kimball Electronics Poland Sp. z o.o., LiNA Medical, MEDLINE, Medical Partner, Stanley - Medical Center.



  • Medical and Rehabilitation Devices
  • Engineering of Implants and Prosthesis
  • Bionics and Virtual Engineering

Duration: 1,5 years (3 semesters)

90 ECTS points

Candidate’s predispositions 

  • knowledge of issues gained during the first-cycle studies in biomedical engineering,
  • predisposition to work in laboratories
  • ability to solve technical problems in the field of design, manufacture, and exploitation,
  • desire to create innovations related to biomedical engineering.

Depending on the chosen specialty, you can gain knowledge in prosthetics, medical and rehabilitation robots, designing rehabilitation devices, bionics, biomechanical modeling of human movement, virtual engineering, orthopedic and rehabilitation engineering, or modern technologies of biomaterials.

You will also learn about such issues as mechano- and balneotherapy as well as pathobiomechanics.

Second-cycle studies will develop your analytical thinking skills and the ability to create and implement innovative technical solutions in biomedical engineering. These studies end with obtaining a professional title of Master of Engineering, enabling you to take up an exciting job that improves the quality of life or start studying at a doctoral school.    


After the Biomedical Engineering studies graduation, you can work, among others, as:

  • constructor of devices and technical solutions related to medicine,
  • engineer in the research and development department of companies producing medical and rehabilitation devices,
  • medical device service technician,
  • engineer implementing new technologies in medicine and related fields,
  • manager of research and development projects in the field of biomedical engineering.

The field of Biomedical Engineering at the Poznan University of Technology will prepare you to work in:

  • companies producing medical equipment aimed at diagnosing and treating pathological changes,
  • companies involved in the design and manufacture of medical devices used in sports training, rehabilitation, care, etc.,
  • companies involved in the design and manufacture of implants, prostheses, and rehabilitation equipment,
  • IT industry in the field of design and implementation of IT systems for the needs of medicine, including telemedicine,
  • medical units, state and local government administration related to health care,
  • scientific and research and development units,
  • advisory and consulting units.