Erasmus incomming study module description form - summer semester

For each class, an Erasmus student will received 6 ECTS.

1. Mathematics (Er_1)

2. Anatomy and propedeutics of medical sciences (Er_2)

3. Mechanics (Er_3)

4. Programming languages (Er_4)

5. CAD systems (Er_5)

6. Electrotechnics (Er_6)

7. Basics of heat treatment (Er_7)

8. Vehicle chassis systems and components design (Er_8)

9. Advanced Methods in Machine Design (Er_9)

10. Foundry and metal forming (Er_10)

Er_W_1. Biomaterials and protection against corrosion

Er_W_2. Electronics and basics of automation

Er_W_3. Metallurgy

Er_W_4. Foundry and metal forming

Er_W_5. Fundamentals of biomedical engineering

Er_W_6. Basics of artificial intelligence methods

Er_W_7. Processing of polymer materials 

Er_W_8. Strength of materials